Grace Numerology Readings

sacredgeom2The sacred science of numbers conveys the vibrational nature of our existence and the cyclical patterns of ourĀ  unfolding evolution. We each radiate a signature set of vibrations with distinct frequencies and qualities of being. Through the understanding of the numeric frequencies inherent in our given name and date of birth we can better accept, embrace and fulfill our life purpose, talents, lessons and challenges. The divine code of our core numbers points to how we may each cultivate our particular soul specialties for the greater good of all.

The Intuitive Reading of Numbers

I use the numbers in your chart as a launching pad for my intuition. Each number is a field of consciousness with many subtle distinctions when addressing how it may apply to a particular person. Frankly, my intellect isn’t up to the task…so I turn it over to Heart Wisdom. As we join in consciousness, I feel a current of energy with a flow of information, feelings and impressions pertinent to your soul blueprint and life lessons. It is a pleasure and great honor to see, feel and reflect a person’s unique soul essence, gifts and growth opportunities. We are all so bright and beautiful! Our Presence includes, expresses through but also transcends that which can be pointed to by numerology or any other system of self understanding.

History of Numerology

Numbers have been used as a divination and illumination tool for thousands of years. The Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Hebrews, Egyptians, Persians, Mayans and ancient Essenes all employed numerical systems to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the universe. Pythagorus, the 6th century Greek philosopher/mathematician, is considered the founder of western numerology. He synthesized Arabic, Druidic, Phoenician, Egyptian and Essene numerological traditions to form the Pythagorean system…the essence of which is still practiced today.

New Paradigm Numerology

As consciousness evolves, so do our self awareness technologies. In recent years I received ever deepening insight into a new paradigm of numerological meaning that reflects the quantum shift taking place in our consciousness. We’re opening to the quantum code of our being and coming into alignment with our divine plan and design.

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