About Noell

Noell GraceI experienced a spiritual calling early on in life and could be found throughout my teens reading books on reincarnation, the evolution of the soul and the nature of reality. I came across my first numerology book when I was sixteen and felt an immediate resonance with the purity and simplicity of this sacred science. Understanding my key numbers helped me to  recognize and accept my gifts, propensities and challenges. Wanting to share my discovery, I was soon doing impromptu number readings for friends and family.

I eventually offered intuitive numerology readings as an aspect of my work as a metaphysical teacher, spiritual guide and counselor. As an intuitive, I found that numbers “spoke to me,” inspiring my inner sight and heart knowing on behalf of my clients’ search for greater self understanding, success and well being. I continue to grow in appreciation for this ancient system of Self realization and the joy I experience helping others know, accept and honor themselves as they are.

My other offerings include:

Healing, inspirational music and vocal sound events; www.noellgracesound.com

Archetypal Art www.noellgraceart.com