Your Quantum Code

New Paradigm Numerology Workshop and Conference

Join intuitive numerologist Noell Grace for an exciting exploration of your innate character, life purpose, lessons and gifts through the sacred science of Numerology.

  • Create your own Life Code chart
  • Decode the message of your birth date and natal name
  • Explore the sacred geometry and new paradigm meanings of numbers 1 – 9 and four upper octave numbers 11, 22, 33 and 44
  • Learn how to read the messages of numbers that arise in your daily life

When: To be announced
Where: Arden Light House, 318 Arden Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Fee: $35

“As a practicing numerologist for thirty-five years, I’ve found the numeric vibration of our name and date of birth to be remarkably clear pointers to innate character, life purpose, lessons and gifts. I’m excited to explore this sacred science with anyone welcoming greater self honor, understanding and clarity of purpose. Even if you’ve previously received a Soul Path reading, you’ll experience a new level of insight and inspiration through our collective download.” – Noell Grace