numerologyweb“Wow, what a fantastic experience!  Noell has a brilliant gift for accessing profound, clear and relevant information.  I feel deeply seen and so grateful for what she illuminated and what she confirmed.  I have never had a reading that was so spot on!  Every single thing she shared resonated through-out my being.  I feel empowered, enlivened and connected in deep trust and alignment with Source.  Thank you Noell for your massive capacity to bring love and awareness to the mystery of life.”
Elisa Rose, Singer, Yoga Teacher

“Don’t even think about it… just do it! Four weeks later and I am still integrating the incredible affirmations and guidance I received from Noell through her reading of my numerological chart.I love that my soul “called in” this unique and personal oracle in order to reveal to me more of who I am and what I’m here for. I was blown away (and not blown away) by Noell’s reading. I felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when I realized I have had the power to come home to myself all along. An hour and a half of “a-ha’s” and practical guidance for living a more full and fulfilling life. Thank you, Noell!”
Jan Ruskin, Writer

“Noell is a highly gifted spiritual guide and genius. I was deeply affected by our first reading. The core of my soul felt utterly seen like never before, which was and continues to be life-changing for me. Through the audio recordings of our sessions, Noell’s gifts have continued to impact my life considerably. I love to periodically re-listen to the recordings as a touchstone continually shedding new light on my evolving path. I have tremendous respect and appreciation for Noell’s wisdom and loving nature. She is clearly here to serve the manifestation of our highest selves.”
Leigh Goldberg

“Using powerful intuitive sensitivity, Noell goes far beyond a simple “numerology reading”, bringing truth into clear form with an uncanny ability that can only be attributed to having a direct connection to Source. My own session with her allowed me to honor and appreciate my own unique path and treat myself with more love, understanding and compassion. These sessions are life changing events! Take the leap, you’ll be glad you did!”
Wayne Marshall, Online Marketing Consultant

“My numerology reading with Noell Grace was magnificent. I felt nourished, renewed, connected and centered deep into my soul as she insightfully and eloquently revealed the significance of my life journey. My soul, body and mind felt wonderfully peaceful being fully seen and validated! Give yourself the gift of a numerology reading with Noell to renew and reconnect to the true purpose of this human odyssey your soul is on. Your life will elevate and expand as a result!”
Dalkoiya Batchelor, founder of AscendedVitality.com

“Noell Grace is numerological poet. I was amazed by how the words that so dearly fit who I am simply fell from her lips. I have the recording of the session and I love to listen to it. Every time I do I receive more value. Noell’s words ring in my ears in times of poignant decisions. Her intuitive reading has been a powerful reflection and reminder of who I have been, who I am and who I am meant to become.”
Jenna Rebecca Francesca, Color and Design Elements Consultant

“I was listening to my numerology session with Noell on my travels back from my dad’s birthday weekend.  It was a profound, inspiring and impactful re-visiting.  Thank you so much for your ability to reach into the universal library and bring back the truth.  Deep, deep gratitude, Noell.”
Rion Beauregard

“Noell is a gifted intuitive who awakens the sacred energy of numbers to inspire and uplift our Soul’s purpose. I have been blessed to receive multiple readings and with each experience, I felt recognized and supported on the deepest levels.”
E. Williamson, Partner Yoga Teacher

“My numerology reading with Noell was incredibly insightful and way beyond what I expected. She was able to tap into the deepest essence of my being beyond what the numbers alone could have told her. Using her intuition she was able to highlight my gifts and remind me of where I can grow deeper into my heart. I felt the reading to be very inspiring and helpful in navigating my path.”
Amyris Wilson, Energy Healer

“I LOVED my reading with Noell!  I experienced deep, rich connection with myself, Noell and the energy-wisdom flowing through her to me.  I appreciate her clarity of communication and openness to questions and reflections from me that further fine-tuned my understanding.  I have had many different sorts of readings and this one warmed and informed me in wonderful and unique ways. Thank you, Noell!”
Audrey Hazekamp, Life Coach

“Noell has an elegant way of taking a numerology system that was discovered thousands of years ago and translating the information into modern day language.  During my session, the words which she used to describe my current life path and personality traits were spot on.  It’s as if she took my inner feelings and put them into words. It lit a spark in my psyche and verified my current and future life paths.  I highly recommend a numbers session with Noell.  It was very eye opening.”
D. Ferrick , cosmic business man

“Noell has a special gift in delivering information and reminders that are extremely difficult to put into words. She has a way of reigniting an individuals’ spirit and dedication to their life path. The clarity and deep understanding of the messages she gives brought me back to my purpose. I loved my time with her and would recommend her to individuals as well as those in relationships.”
Cara Ferrick, yoga studio owner

“I felt so inspired and expanded after my number reading with Noell. It was truly an energy transmission from my higher self. I felt SEEN to my very core and came away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of my life path and the key lessons I signed up for in the school of life. Noell gave me some really helpful coaching around issues of responsibility that have been a big challenge in my life. I’m now aware of and can more completely own my special gifts and talents, one of which I took for granted it was so second nature for me. The reading was a healing experience for me. Thank you, Noell.”
Patricia Heston, Chef

“I had an individual reading with Noell the day after I attended her presentation, and it was life changing! Noell’s insights helped me to analyze some major factors in my life and gave me clarity and focus in order to reach my full potential. I value Noell’s awareness and will continue to check in with her as time goes on.”
~Amber K., Sandpoint Idaho